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SUSHI Making Experience

Sushi edition

We are creative Sushi Company. We passionate with fish, making sushi, Toyosu , Tsukiji, and other creative things.

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A place where only those who have met us can know.

Ginza 1 min walk from Ginza Tokyu Plaza

The sushi version is different.Sushi experience from stocking.
The best way to experience our wide collection of fish is to visit our secret kitchen. Follow the our chef and choose the most enticing fish to satisfy your palate.

Tasty breakfast

After strolling through Toyosu Market and Tsukiji Market, how about a fine breakfast using tuna?

Sushi work shop

Enjoy the workshop with the strongest chefs. Our services were ranked N1 at for its excellence


Tsukiji and toyosu

Take a stroll through Tsukiji Market, an old fish market. Let’s explore Toyosu Market, the current fish market. You can experience the difference between the two fish markets, now and in the past.

Experience the history
of sushi. learning provided
by Sushi edition



Hori Morio​

He also worked as a chef under Alain Cendrance, who is considered a ``genius of nouvelle cuisine'' and a genius.'Based on his experience in various countries, he has served many celebrities and has a proven track record.
He has also worked with Hollywood star Ryan Rodney Reynolds.

Kento Nakamura

Gained experience in high-class French cuisine and high-class Japanese cuisine,
High class Japanese sushi restaurant. Opened Nakamuraya.He is also knowledgeable about the seafood wholesale industry, and you can be sure of the seafood he chooses.
His cooking skills and selection of ingredients are top notch.If you visit Japan and want to experience the best sushi, you should visit him.


Booking flow

1.Click to book
2.Enter information such as
   schedule and number of
   people and pay in advance
3.Location will be announced a few  days before the event



Ginza 1 min walk from Ginza Tokyu Plaza (The address is open to customers only.)


Meeting location


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