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SUSHI Making Experience

Sushi Edition

We are creative Sushi Company. We passionate with fish, making sushi, Toyosu, Tsukiji, and other creative things.

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A place where only those who have met us can know.

3-2-2 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Sunrise Sendagi.

Experience a day in Japanese culinary culture.

SUSHI EDITION offers a service where you can experience the globally renowned culinary culture of "sushi" with all five senses. From Tsukiji, known for gathering Japan's finest ingredients, you personally procure the fish. Then, you head to the kitchen, where, alongside a seasoned chef, you prepare and craft sushi with the fish you've sourced. It's truly an opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and experience a day in the life of a sushi artisan.


Accompanied by a seasoned Japanese chef fluent in English.

A Japanese chef with extensive experience as a sushi artisan over many years will accompany you on your sushi experience. Proficient in both fish and sushi preparation techniques, they are also fluent in English and skilled at intricately explaining Japanese culture.

Experience the history
of sushi. learning provided
by Sushi edition



Hori Morio​

He gained experience as a chef under a former three-star chef in France, renowned as a genius of Nouvelle Cuisine. With a proven track record of providing culinary delights to numerous celebrities in various countries, he has even served sushi to Hollywood star Ryan Rodney Reynolds in the past.

Kento Nakamura

I was born in Kushiro City, Hokkaido, a region famous for its seafood, and spent my childhood there. Subsequently, I honed my culinary skills at upscale French restaurants in Ginza and high-end Japanese restaurants in Nihonbashi. Currently, I have founded Nakamuraya and launched a seafood Japanese restaurant called "Yane Sen Nakamura" in Tokyo, where we offer sushi and seafood bowls.



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I will meet you with the chef at Toyosu 6-6-2, Koto-ku, Tokyo at your reserved time. If you happen to get lost, please contact me.


Once we gather, we will proceed to do some sourcing at Tsukiji Market.


After finishing the sourcing, we will head straight to the kitchen.


Once we reach the kitchen, we will make sushi, enjoy it, and immerse ourselves in the Japanese culture.



This tour allows you to experience the real work of a true craftsman, working with sushi chefs to fence, cut, and nigiri a large block of tuna that even many sushi restaurants in Japan are not able to handle.


This tour can also be added.

From $200 per group (depending on the price of tuna)



After your reservation, we will send you a payment link via email. If you wish to include any options, please make a reservation for them as well.

The reservation is for 2 people.The charge for a reservation for 1 person is 300 USD.You will be charged at the time of payment via email.



3-2-2 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Sunrise Sendagi.


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